Hi there

My name’s Rosie and you’re looking at a picture of me with my first ever fondant-decorated cake! It’s hard to believe that was only back in 2012…

I started decorating cakes after my cousin made the cakes for my engagement party and wedding. I said to her, ‘geez I’d like to be able to make cakes like those’ – look out, the next minute I find myself over at her house having my first lesson and, wouldn’t you believe it, I loved it! So thanks Jadey-babe :)

From there I volunteered my cake-making abilities at any opportunity I could – it was great trying new methods and working with friends and family to come up with new ideas. Each cake presented new challenges and built my skills just that little bit more.

People started saying to me, ‘you should do decorating full time’ and  ‘you should really start a business’. So after speaking with my husband about it, we decided to give it a shot – my hubby is my biggest supporter, but also greatest critic – just what I need, two perfectionists! At least I still have my 2 year old daughter, who loves everything I do – so long as it’s pink!

I love talking to people, be it clients about ideas, or other cake makers, sharing tips and tricks – it’s amazing the things you can learn! Only the other week I dropped into a beginners demonstration being held at Latorta and the lady doing the demonstration was a little shocked that I was there, given that it was a beginners lesson. But I learnt something that day – just a small trick that made a huge impact on how I make ganache, which has already saved me a lot of time and energy!

I’ve now done lots (and lots) of cakes and have recently even got some of my mini cakes on the new menu about to be launched (December 2015) at a local café – Adore Tea – it’s only had numerous awards including best teahouse in Australia 2015, but you know, just saying… OR NOT! I’m so excited to be working with these guys, they are amazing!

It’s been quite a ride and we’ve been lucky enough to go from strength to strength so far. In 2016 I hope to do a few more courses and learn a few extra tricks of the trade and offer even better cakes in the years to come, so watch this space :)