Party Cakes

Each of our cakes are custom-designed and, for that reason, prices will fluctuate. How many the cake is for, the type of cake and the complexity of the design will all be attributing factors to the price. Once these details have been finalised, a quote for your cake will be provided.


Muds – chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, choc-mint, white chocolate and raspberry, marble, cherry ripe

Little denser than sponge – vanilla, chocolate

Cakes are filled with layers of chocolate ganache or buttercream


Cute and delicious, cupcakes make the perfect mouthful for all kinds of occasions.

Buttercream icing – Fondant topper – Piped character cupcakes

(Minimum of 12 per order)

Red Velvet
Buttermilk and cocoa give this cake a distinctive and delicious flavour that is not quite chocolate and not quite plain vanilla. Topped with a smooth cream cheese icing, this is one yummy bite.

Carrot and cream cheese
Fresh carrots and spice and everything nice! Moist and delicious and topped with cream cheese icing… relish!

Chocolate delight
Moist chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate buttercream icing, or try it with our chocolate mousse icing… just divine

Vanilla and raspberry
Light and fluffy vanilla sponge, packed full of juicy, ripe raspberries and topped with a raspberry buttercream icing…YES PLEASE

Lemony vanilla
Vanilla cake made with tangy lemon buttercream… a favourite for all

Coconut cake with chocolate buttercream icing… *love*

Individual cakes

Individual sized cakes, perfect for a dinner party dessert, wedding bomboniere, or just a special treat!

(Minimum of 8 per order)

White Chocolate and Raspberry 
White chocolate and raspberry mud cake, layered between creamy white chocolate ganache.

Chocolate mousse surprise
Rustic, rich chocolate mud cake with light and delicious chocolate mousse filling.

Banana and Walnut
Ripe bananas and yummy walnuts make this a cake moist and textured right!





Please find the frequently asked questions here. Click on each question to reveal the answer. This is created with accordion shortcode which is easy to setup and can be added on any pages or posts.

How do I design the perfect cake?
I am happy to work with you to design your very own custom cake, but to get the best result I will need some information from you. Think about who the cake is for – what are their interests? Do they like sport or another activity? Is there a memory you both share or do they wear glasses? Will there be a party and is there a colour scheme? Any of these things can be incorporated into a theme of a cake. Next browses through the my gallery and see what designs capture your attention, or do some Google searching. Once you have thought of a theme for your cake, then we can talk about flavours…
Why are some cakes more expensive than others?
There are lots of things to consider when quoting a cake. Baking time, multiple flavoured tiers, how big the cake is, is an edible image required, how complex the design is – it takes a long time to get those little details right! All of these details will cause the price of your cake to fluctuate.
Do you deliver?
We will deliver within Canberra and Queanbeyan for a small fee (depending where you need it delivered). Otherwise you can pick up for free from Kaleen. All cakes are packaged in cardboard cake boxes for ease of travel.
How do I store my cake?
If you have a fondant covered cake, do not put it in the fridge! Fondant covered cakes are fine to be kept on the bench in the box they are packaged in, in a room that doesn’t get too hot. Make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight or the ganache/buttercream will melt underneath the fondant. 
When should I order my cake?
As soon as possible! There are only so many cakes that can be made and decorated each week – especially when we like to get things done perfectly! It is recommended you order your cake well in advance to avoid disappointment. As a guide, at least two weeks notice at a minimum is recommended, however orders later than this can be considered :) 
Do I need to pay a deposit?
We require a deposit to be paid to secure your booking. The amount is usually $50 which is refundable up to 10 days before the event – it will not be refunded after this time. The balance must be paid before or at pickup.

How do I pay?
Payments can be made by account transfer or cash.

Get Ready.. Get Set.. Bake!